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Weintraub Security Group, LLC. located in Broward County, South Florida is managed and directed by Howard Weintraub, a former Senior Level Federal Special Agent of what is now the United States Department of Homeland Security.  He has over thirty-five (35) years of specialized experience involving corporate security, federal law enforcement and counter intelligence electronics operations.  This experience offers a keen awareness of espionage and information collection techniques which augments his expertise in the detection of electronic eavesdropping systems.  

Mr. Weintraub's training was provided by the manufacturers that produced the de-bugging/TSCM equipment as well as from the various federal governments training academies comprising those agencies within the now U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Although customers identities are strictly confidential, his clients have included governmental agencies, law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, multi-national corporations, high-net worth individuals, professional athletes, small business establishments, and law firms to name a few.  


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